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Room additions will add square footage and value to your existing home, without the additional expenses incurred in the purchase of a new home and all the expenses that go with it. If you like the area you live in you should consider staying.

This is especially attractive to growing families with good neighbors, friend and schools.

Room additions consist of expanding the size of your original home by adding on new space.

Popular room additions are new master bedroom suites, additional bedrooms, additional bathrooms, expanding kitchens, family rooms and family spaces and private spaces for aging parents. Lets not forget closet space; we all need more closet space in our new room addition.

Other popular room additions include increasing floor space by adding a second story room to your existing home, this can increase the value, functionality, and comfort of your home, without robbing you of lawn or garden footage.

In all instances, the value and equity of your home is increased along with its usability.

There are contractors who specialize in room additions. A well-planned and executed room addition can make a dramatic difference, both in the livability of your home, and in its value.

As you are planning your project with your room addition professional keep in mind resale value and curb appeal. Curb appeal can make a difference not only resale but also financing or refinancing. No one wants an ugly house unless it at a discounted price and financial institutions are no different.
Adding a room addition advice:

To start with you should have a good idea of what you want to spend and accomplish such as we need 2 more bedroom and a full bathroom or we want 2 bedrooms, a full bathroom and a master bedroom with walk in closet and full bathroom with a tub and a separate shower. You get the idea

Once you have at least a tentative budget and an idea of what you want to accomplish then it time to look for a good builder/contractor and get some bids.

Most knowledgeable builder will give you a free estimate without having to invest in plans up front.

If you do hire an independent architect you can plan on spending many time more then if you go through your builder and it’s not only the money you spend but you may fine them not up to snuff for the city and your builder may refuse to use them witch leaves you shopping for a builder to fit your plan

Take your time finding a builder. A great way to find a builder is by talking to other people that have had the experience. You can also look to the Internet, the Better Business Bureau Pages or the yellow pages

You’ll find that a good builder want to know that you and they are compatible and they aren’t just trying to write up the job and get your deposit, as some sales persons may do.

Pick a builder not only by price but also by their experience and referrals. Make sure it’s someone you trust. If you have doubts go on to some one else.

Never pull the permits for a job someone else is going to do this will make you liable for the job and leave them without any liability whatsoever

Once you’ve hired a builder have faith in him. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as the project goes along.

This is a large undertaking but do not let it overwhelm you to your builder it fairly simple. Be prepared for the interior to take sometime, as there are many steps and inspections and the finishing touches are what make the project a work of art and pride.

We hope you have a great experience with your home remodeling and we always wish you the best

Different types of additions
Garage Additions
Sunroom Additions
Bump Outs
Family Room
KItchen Addition
Inlaw Suite
Dormer Addition
Addition over Garage
Second floor Addition
Two story Addition
Master Bedroom
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      Chester Va
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Bon Air
"I wish you and your company continued success, and please do not hesitate to have anyone call me to obtain a reference as to the exceptional value and professionalism provided by your company."

M. O’Connor-Jenkins – Midlothian, VA (Woodlake Subdivision)

" Better than we even expected "
Pat and Brian
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